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ianuarie 27, 2012

Crocheted scarves

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I tried to work something up for a friend and something for me. Not too complicated and with a n ice end-result; these scarves are easy to wear and comfortable.


ianuarie 26, 2012

Hand-made hats for my precious boys

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Cand ai putin timp si inclinare sa iti folosesti cele doua maini dibace din dotare multe se pot intampla. Unele sunt chiar practice si simpatice. Mai jos sunt cateva exemple din ceea ce am mestesugarit pentru cei care imi lumineaza ochii si sufletul.

PS. My precious boys (all 4 of them) were in mind when working these little things.

decembrie 30, 2011

Silent in all

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Christmas with no snow – sad start. Redefining yourself within the larger family – intriguing task. Children all joy and playful as kittens; with big smiles on their little faces and sparkles in their eyes as they rushed to the Xmas tree almost knocking it over. Presents, toys and Santa were their only thoughts. Felt like all stood still and I remembered why humanity does not entirely suck. There is still something to look upon and be amazed. Another year added to what is supposed to be a life; but what counted this year were the smiles and calm moments; family snapshots. Since my wish-list was filled with pretty much nothing and autumn leaves; it ended up better than ever. One’s holiday is a good as one’s soul is.

decembrie 17, 2011

Annual custom

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It’s that time of the year again and while others’ hearts are filled with warm thoughts; the hour is upon me to get ready. With no expectations except hoping not to drift away into dreamland.

decembrie 3, 2011

Rock again

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Dupa cinci zile in care singurul zgomot perceput de urechile mele era cel provocat de bataile proprii inimi, am reusit sa ascult muzica. Am ales Rammstein si inca ma bucur de alegere. Inchei aici pentru ca ma astepta Enter Sandman … Enjoy the little things; you might never know where they take you!!!

noiembrie 23, 2011


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Mirosul cafelei alunga pe rand toate starile somnolente in care doream sa ma rasfat. Cu putin noroc si indelungata rutina; corpul indeplinea mundanele ritualuri. In schimb, neuronii abia reuseau sa isi intinda sinapsele inghiontindu-se unul pe altul pana cand intregul sistem central intampina aporturile nesatioase de nectar diurn. Abia acuma incepe calatoria pe pilot automat; minute pierdute in autobuz fara sa iti dai seama cand au trecut. Zombified pentru a continua acelasi cerculetz mic al existentei anonime pe altarul economiei locale. Nu, ziua nu se termina aici. Continua cu momentele ei unice si delicios de absurde. Dar simt cum controlul este preluat din nou de co-pilotul vietii mele. Pana cand va veni iara momentul sa fiu eu la carma….

Mist and dizziness

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Each minute gets us closer to winter and all its delightful cold tricks. Warming up the fingers while clutching to a coffee mug, breathing in the morning harsh air, I close my eyes to see the mountains. Bring on the day, the work as nothing is more important than I am in my life.

noiembrie 21, 2011

Heil to the unknown

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keyboards and monitors; failing sound of servers… the routine music of life…and only one remaining thought lingering like an never-reaching impression…forever wolf and leafs swirling within…

noiembrie 16, 2011

Distractia de azi

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when words mess with your headpower behind words

When yellow strikes the hour

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Harshening the speach by an authoritarian toneș but face remain the same. Colors jumping up and down spreading over the retina. Leaving a clear pale yellow behind scraping away all reasoning that ever was.

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